Newsletter 26 May 2016

News from Mr Bewsey
This final term is quickly drawing to a close. It’s quite amazing to think that another school year is nearly done. Our P7s are almost ready to leave and our nursery pupils are literally banging at the classroom door! There is quite a lot going on over the next few weeks to help prepare for next session. I hope the information contained in this week’s newsletter goes some way to answering questions.

Violin tuition

On Tuesday morning, our visiting music tutor, Mr Johnson, and some of his colleagues performed a number of excellent pieces on the violin and other stringed instruments. The purpose of the concert was to demonstrate to the pupils the ‘wonder of strings’. Violin tuition will be offered to pupils to begin in August to look out for more information soon.

Upcoming dates for your diary

‘Our learning’ morning (Tuesday 14th June)

On the morning of Sports’ Day, Tuesday 14th June, you are warmly invited to visit your child’s class to find out about their recent learning. Classrooms will be open from 10.45am until 11.45am.

P1 parents information session (Tuesday 21st June)

We would like to invite the parents of next year’s P1s to join us as we share helpful information and advice about starting P1. The session will start at 11am and finish by 11.30am. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

P7 Leavers assembly (Tuesday 28th June)

Parents of P7 pupils are invited to join us for our annual ‘leaver’s assembly’ to take place on the afternoon of Tuesday 28th June. Please arrive for a 2.15pm start. We look forward to welcoming you as we say farewell to our P7s.

Class arrangements for next session

I am pleased to be able to share the following arrangements for classes in August:

ELCC – Mrs Gourlay and Miss De’Ath

P1/2 – Mrs Easingwood (Mon – Weds) and Mrs Cook (Thurs & Fri)

P3/4/5 – Mrs Blyth

P6/7 – Mrs Tharme

Please note that these arrangements could change if circumstances require it.

Farewell Mrs Renton

At the end of this school year we will be saying farewell to Mrs Renton who has supported our nursery for a number of years. We will miss her greatly.


I’ve planted a bean, I want it to grow into a beanstalk and I want to find treasure ….Megan

I’ve been drawing lots of pictures of fire…Daniel

We have new crowns at nursery…I put it on my head in the castle ….Millie

P1,2,3 News

I liked reading this week. My favourite one was called “This & That”. Jessica P1

I liked making shields in our castle topic time. James P2

I enjoyed making a flag for our castle with Sophia. Rory P3

P4/5 News

P4’s went to Ayton for a football festival. P4 had great fun using skills and playing games.

This week people have liked drama, we made Roman gladiators or Roman Emperor plates too they look impressive.

By Reese and Finlay

P6/7 News


In maths p6/7 has been doing algebra, area outside in the playground and in our daily maths we have been doing the 8 & 9 times tables.


In language are writing newspaper reports about the netball competition or walk to school week. Also we all learned German words and phrases.


Our topic in p6/7 is Malawi and so we were creating power points about a girl called Memory who lives in Malawi. After that we did a presentation about the houses that we live in compared to the houses in Malawi. The houses in Malawi were made out of grass and mud but our houses are made out of brick and wood.


In art we have been doing sewing things to do with Malawi.

By Merryn and Tilly JJ

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