Newsletter 8 September 2106

News from Mr Bewsey
P7 German

This week I was able to start a new weekly teaching slot with the Primary 7s in which I will be developing their skills in the German language. I hope this will be a positive experience for both the pupils and myself as it gives me valuable time with the children.

School trips

Going on a school trip is such an exciting event for our pupils and we want to be able to offer excursions whenever possible. As a change from previous years, we will now be suggesting a contribution towards costs of such trips and events. I appreciate your support with this matter.

Parent and Friends AGM

Please join us on Monday 26th September, 6 – 7.30pm for this year’s Annual General Meeting. This is a great opportunity to get involved in supporting the school and influencing outcomes for your children. A crèche is provided.


We went to the beach….it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!! Sarah

I made sandcastles at the beach. . I used feathers and shells. Isla

The man told us all about the black shells and the snail and the cold water. Hailie

P1,2 News

This week in Primary 1 and 2 we have been practicing our numbers to 100 by playing snakes and ladders. We have been reading Jim and the Beanstalk and drawing giants! We are working on our sounds. This week we have learned, t, i and p. We have been having fun with our friends.

P3,4 News

This has been a busy week. We have been reading more Iron Man and drawing metal things. We have enjoyed our topic electricity. We have made circuits to light a bulb. It was good fun.

by Jessica and Ronan

P5,6,7 News

This week we’ve had lots of fun. In maths we have been doing place value which is learning where numbers go in a long number. We also did sums off the board .In spelling we have been challenged to spell difficult words. Language has been fun we did reading comprehension all about Italy which is funny because Freya and her family have recently been to Italy. Our group had to find out about famous people in Italy while others found out about famous buildings. In topic we made pizza and this week we are going to make ice cream they are all from Italy. In art we have been finishing our drawings of what is important to us. By Poppy and Freya

Beach Clean

The primary classes are preparing to take part in a Beach Clean and Survey for the Marine Conservation Society at Coldingham Sands on Friday morning 16th September. Pupils should dress appropriately according to the weather, but please wear school jumpers. If you are able to help, please contact the school office. Please complete the attached EV2 form.

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