Newsletter 15 September 2016

News from Mr Bewsey

Celebrating Achievement

As part of our ongoing efforts to raise attainment and recognise the achievements of our pupils, we will be introducing a monthly ‘Achievements Assembly’. The first Tuesday of each month will be devoted to celebrating the efforts, progress and achievements of our pupils. This will be an opportunity to recognise events both in and out of school. Children are, therefore, invited to bring in RECENT (within the last month) achievements to share with the school. We will then create a ‘Wall of Fame’ to showcase our pupils for all to see! A reminder about the monthly assembly will be put in the newsletter.

School Estates Review (letter attached)

You may have seen last week’s Berwickshire News article that explained the ongoing consultation currently in progress regarding all Scottish Borders Council schools. The article detailed the process concerning Eyemouth High School catchment. A full letter from Donna Manson (SBC Chief Officer for Children and Young People Services) explains the review process. Please take the time to read this letter and I urge you all to contribute to the next phase of consultations once details have been arranged. This is a significant opportunity to influence the future of schools provision in our area.

Pick up time

Please can all parents / carers of P1-4 pupils ensure they come to the school doors to collect children at the end of the day. Staff will not permit our younger children to leave until an adult is within sight. Thank you.

Excellent Inspection report

Our school kitchen received an excellent inspection this week. Michelle was commended for her high standards of hygiene and the standard of service she provides. Added to this is the recent increase in school dinner uptake with Michelle regularly catering for nearly 50 pupils a day (out of 58). Well done Mrs Wilson.

Road Safety Magic Show

This year, all Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils and Junior Road Safety Officers in Berwickshire will have the opportunity to attend a Road Safety Magic Show on the morning of Thursday 29th September at Eyemouth High School.

We would appreciate if parents could make a £1 contribution per child towards this opportunity. Transport will be by bus. Please complete the attached EV2 form.

Hockey & Rugby Festival

P5 pupils will be taking part in a rugby festival and P 6,7 will be taking part in a hockey festival at Eyemouth High School on Thursday 29 September, (Thursday 6 October if wet). Pupils should bring a drink, have their PE kit for playing and warm clothes for between games. They will be accompanied by Mrs Tharme. Travel will be by bus and pupils will be back at school in time for lunch. We would appreciate if parents could make a £1 contribution per child towards this opportunity. Please complete the attached EV2 consent form.

The Hirsel Coldstream

P5,6,7 will be travelling to the Hirsel, Coldstream as part of their topic work for the John Muir Award this term on Wednesday 21 September. Transport will be by bus. Pupils should wear school sweatshirts, trousers, sensible footwear and bring a jacket. They will need to bring a packed lunch. We would appreciate if parents could make a £3 contribution per child towards this trip. Please complete the attached EV2 form.

P5,6,7 Drysdales trip

P5,6,7 will be visiting Drysdales as part of their Food and Enterprise project. 12 pupils will be going on Tuesday 27 September and the other 12 will be going on Tuesday 4 October. Please complete the attached EV2.

Crucial Crew

P 7 will be travelling to Eildon Mill, Tweedbank on Monday 3 October to take part in Crucial Crew, (crime prevention and personal safety activities). Please complete the attached EV2 consent form and return to school. Pupils should wear school uniform and bring a packed lunch, a drink and a warm jacket. Transport will be by bus.

Tuck Shop

Please make sure your child has sufficient money (30p)


All Olympic passports should be handed in to school by Friday 23 September.

Dates for diary

Monday 26th September: PFA Annual General Meeting. 6 – 7.30pm

Thursday 29th September: P1/2 Road Safety Roadshow.

Thursday 29th September: P567 Rugby and Hockey Festival.

Monday 3rd October: P7 Crucial Crew event.

Friday 7th October: School closed.
Ladies M&S cream cardigan found in school car park two weeks ago. See Sheila if it’s yours

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