Newsletter 13.1.17

A very warm welcome back to school. It has been good to see the children settle back into their classroom routines. We look forward to another exciting term, full of interesting and exciting learning experiences for your children. Mr Bewsey

Staffing update

• We are delighted to share that Mrs Cook is expecting her second child. She will be in school until Easter.

• Ms De’Ath will be joining P1/2 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons until Easter.

• Mrs Sword has been away for an extended family holiday but will return to school on Monday.

P7 German Adventure Day

Our P7 pupils will be travelling to Eyemouth High School on Tuesday 24th January to take part in ‘A German Adventure’. This is a morning of activities to help develop learner’s grasp of German. Further details will be shared with the EV2 next week.

Touch o’ Tartan

Wednesday 25th January is Burns’ Day. The children will spend some of the day learning about Scots Language and celebrating Scottish heritage. Pupils are encouraged to wear a ‘touch o’ tartan’ on the day. A special Burns’ themed lunch is offered so go to ParentPay and make your booking!

After-school clubs

We have been developing our after-school club provision for this coming term. We have decided to focus on P4-7 pupils at this time, recognising that our younger pupils will have opportunities as they move up through the school. This term we have been able to secure three different after-school clubs, full details of which have been shared with P4-7 pupils but include ‘Rotakids’, ‘Technology club’ and ‘Big Thinking’.

Daily Mile

Following the huge success of this initiative started in a Stirling school in 2014, we have decided to introduce ‘The Daily Mile’ for our pupils. This simple, fun and worthwhile event will see all of our pupils taking part in 10 minutes of walking, jogging or running every day. Such regular exercise will help with physical wellbeing but has also been proven to improve mental agility and academic attainment.

P567 will be starting this venture on Monday 16th with P1/2 and P3/4 joining them on Monday 23rd January. Full details will follow in a letter.

School uniform

At the start of this new school year, it is a good time to remind our pupils of the expected school uniform. Please ensure your child wears a school logo jumper or similar coloured alternative, black or grey trousers or skirt and dark coloured shoes. All staff will be working with pupils to ensure adherence to these expectations. Your support is appreciated.

Healthy snack

New Year often means resolutions. We would like our pupils to resolve, among other things, to eat better at break time. Please encourage your child to bring a healthy snack for mid-morning break. Thank you.

ELC News

Sarah….we have a new climbing frame…

Ruby….I turned the tower into a haunted castle

Tom….I played with the leaves in the wind outside

P1,2 News

This week we made birds with Mrs Surridge. She drew a bird shape and then helped us to make curly paper for the wings. We curled up the paper then coloured it in and stuck it on. We read a non-fiction book about dinosaurs and then went outside to measure how tall they were with metre sticks and chalk.

P3,4 News

We have had a fun week finding out about tulips and the Tulip Mania back in 1637. We discovered how expensive tulips became and how many different tulips were created. We then looked at and tasted mushrooms. Mushrooms don’t make seeds they use spores. Even people who didn’t like mushrooms tasted them and liked them.

P5,6,7 News

This week we have been working together to create new games for other groups to play. We had an obstacle course and a new game which we had to play on our hands and feet.

We are looking forward to making animations in ICT, we have lots of great ideas for it.

P5/6/7 have to learn some Scots Poetry or song for our Burns lunch and Scottish celebration afternoon.

Dates for diary

Monday 16th January – P567 start The Daily Mile

Monday 25th January – P1s – 4s start The Daily Mile

Tuesday 24th January – P7 German Adventure

Wednesday 25th January – Burns Day

Friday 10th February – School closed – In-service

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th February – School closed – Holidays

Wednesday 15th February – Back to school

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