Coldingham Newsletter 16 February 2017


General News

PE next week

Please note that next week, PE will be on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be taught by Mrs D Higson. Please ensure children have a full PE kit in school on these days.

Work experience student

Next week, Mrs Mutch will be accompanied by a work experience student. Caitlyn will be in school on Monday, supporting Mrs Mutch and the children’s music lessons.

Nursery trip

On Monday (20th), our nursery children will be enjoying their first outing of the school year as they head to Reston for a riverside walk and playpark picnic. We know they will have lots of fun and we look forward to hearing all about it.

P1/2 Trip to Jade Garden

The children in P1/2 will be heading to Jade Garden (Chinese restaurant) in Eyemouth next Wednesday (22nd February). The afternoon activity will support the children in their understanding of Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. The class will travel by service bus. Please complete the attached EV2 and return as soon as possible.

P567 Cross Country Competition

Pupils from P567 have been invited to take part in a Berwickshire area Cross-Country competition next Thursday (23rd February). Most of the class have expressed a desire to take part so we have decided that the whole class will go to Eyemouth Primary to compete or support. Please complete the attached EV2 and return as soon as possible.

Rotakids Rally (1st March)

Children who attend the ‘Rotakids’ after-school club have been invited to attend the annual Rotakids Rally on Wednesday 1st March, in Livingston. This annual event sees children from all over the south of Scotland get together and take part in a number of curriculum linked activities. This is an excellent opportunity for our children to be part of ‘something bigger’. Full details and an EV2 will be sent home next week.

Pupil News

ELC News

We have the mud kitchen! I was playing with the Mud,

I made sausage! Eden

Ruth came to our nursery and she told

her own stories about Cock a doodle doo

…I put him on my hand. Hailie

I have been playing with the heavy things,

The scales told me what was heavy and what was light. Lawson

P1,2 News

Last week we were learning how Scottish food is made and we made a lovely soup. We all loved it. In our soup was kale and potatoes. We have been painting some numbers by printing them with Numicon. We have been acting out a Katie Morag story. P1 wrote a sentence about a cat and coloured in a picture to go with it.

In p1/2 we have been learning with Numicon. P2 learned how to weigh it and how to make it balance so that we knew we had made 20. The P1s used playdough and drawing to make 2 more with our Numicon pieces. Mr Bewsey read us a story and he was asking us questions about it. Before the holidays a storyteller came in and read us a bread and butter story. In the story it turned out that the lassie was afraid of nothing.

P3,4 News

Last week our class has enjoyed

I have enjoyed the surprise box by Madeline- Nikki

We have enjoyed the topic activity finding out about food from Scotland. We used ICT- Nicole, Lulu, Rory

I have enjoyed the tennis at P.E- Madeline

We have enjoyed the story tellers. They were really funny and entertaining- Sophia, Lexi

I have enjoyed making the keys to go with our rhyming poetry, Sophie
I have enjoyed writing our stories using a story mountain to help plan. Edie

by Beth & Scarlett

P5,6,7 News

Last week we were learning about football in P.E. we did chips, traps, dribbling and played a game called robbers.

Logan, Reese, Amy, Sinead and Mia liked the storytellers.

Grace liked the daily mile.

Jack and Merryn liked football in P.E.

Mia also liked maths.

Poppy liked studying for the Euro quiz.

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