Coldingham Newsletter 23 February 2017

General News
Cross Country competition postponed

Due to the forecast snow on Thursday, the scheduled cross country for P5,6 & 7 has been postponed until NEXT Thursday. Original arrangements remain unchanged.

Nursery trip to Reston

Our nursery children had a wonderful adventure on Monday when they set out in the Berwickshire Wheels minibus for a trip to Reston Riverside Walk. The children were particularly excited about the minibus journey!

P1/2 Trip to Jade Garden

Out infant class enjoyed a very exciting trip to Jade Garden, the Chinese Restaurant in Eyemouth. They ate A LOT of food but also learnt about Chinese culture and traditions. A huge thank you must be made to Mr & Mrs Chen who hosted so wonderfully.

Rotakids Rally

Our resident Rotakids Club pupils are travelling to Livingston on Wednesday to take part in the annual Rotakids Rally. We look forward to hearing all about it on their return.

World Book Day

Next Thursday (2nd March) is World Book Day. To help us mark this important annual event, we would like to hold a Book Switcheroo. Every pupil is invited to bring in a book from home that they will then swap with someone else in their class resulting in every pupil getting to take home a new book. It is important that parents / carers are supportive of this venture and are aware of the book coming into school! If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Pupils will also receive the World Book Day voucher that gives them £1 off of any book.

P1/2 teacher arrangements next week

Please note that supply teachers will be in P1/2 for some of next week. Mrs Easingwood will not be in class on Wednesday (1st) and Mrs Cook will not be in on Thursday (2nd) or Friday (3rd).

Borders Schools Badminton Championship

3 pupils from Coldingham primary took part in this. Carrie Gibson won the girls competition, Poppy Young did very well and got through to the quarter finals and Rory Gibson won an award for good sportsmanship. Well done to all.

Dates for Diary

Thursday 2nd March – World Book Day – ‘Book Switcheroo’

Thursday 2nd March – P567 Cross Country (new date)

Thursday 9th March – RHET Tractor visit to school (details to follow)

Thursday16th March – Whole School Science day at Coldingham Primary

Friday 24th March – Comic Relief (details to follow)

Tuesday 28th March – Parent Consultations (times to follow)

Wednesday 29th March – Parent Consultations (times to follow)

Friday 31st March – Last day of term

Tuesday 18th April – Back to school

Pupil News

ELC News

We have been playing Pirates, I made a mast for a ship with a pirate flag on it- Farah

We went on a bus and played at the park and we walked over the bridge because there was a river. It was the river Eye and it goes all the way to Eyemouth-Eden

I have been making chocolate cake in the Mud Kitchen- Ruby

P1,2 News

P1 and 2 went to the Chinese restaurant. We went there on a bus. We got to have lots of food (it was yummy!) and we saw some goldfish and fish with really long tails. When we got there we had a look around and Pauline introduced herself. Pauline’s daughter drew us a picture of how to say Chinese New Year. She taught us an action to go with it.

P3,4 News

This week we have been learning about farming we did a worksheet and we watched a power point.

We listened and tried to guess Lulu’s object in the surprise box. It was a photo album of her trip.

At music we played our rhythms on the glockenspiels.

At PE we were playing netball some people were in the blue team and some were in the white.

In art we went outside and sketched a winter tree then we stuck blue paper onto card then stuck a tree on.

We did poetry based on a poem by Tony Mitton I Wanna be a star. The poems were great.

by Nicole and Edie

P5,6,7 News

In P.E we had a new teacher called Mrs Higson. With her we were doing creative dancing

In maths we have been doing adding (+) and subtracting (-) fractions, some people did percentages (%). It was fun.

We have been doing the daily mile every day this week.And on Thursday most of the class is going to do the cross country run.

We have started critical reading in class. It’s when your reading group has to discuss what’s happening in the book.


Taisho and Finlay

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