PFA minutes 24 April 17

Coldingham Primary Parents & Friends Association

24th April 2017


Present: Mr Bewsey, Alison Ramcharran, Mairi Drummond, Helen Gibson, Katie Kendrick, Deborah Tones, Louise Crowe

Apologies: Elizabeth Sangster, Genevieve Young

1. Minutes

Minutes from the previous meeting approved and outstanding actions carried forward.

2. Headmasters Report

Kitchen: Mr Bewsey reported that before progress can be made on the kitchen space, the architect needs to come out for a consultation meeting and prepare new drawings of the proposed amendments. Action: Mr Bewsey to meet architects and go ahead with drawings.

Vandalism in School Grounds: Mr Bewsey reported the disappointment and frustration at the broken property in the school grounds over the Easter holiday. This has been reported to the police and they advised that the school should work with the Police Community Liaison Officer to take advice on what measures can be taken to prevent such incidents. Action: Mr Bewsey to meet Community Liaison Officer and take advice.

Playground: Mr Bewsey has consulted with the older children in the school about developments to the school playground. Two options for new facilities are being considered: furniture provided by the Council’s unpaid work team, who build play equipment at cost; and a company from Dunbar (Zero Waste) who provide upcycled materials. Action: Mr Bewsey will explore options and provide quotes.

After School Clubs: Now been set for the school term and will be for P4-7s.

Staffing: Recruitment for Mrs Cook’s cover has been difficult due to 1½ day post. As a result, Mr Bewsey is combining 3 existing part-time vacancies (totalling 3 days) and will use Pupil Equity Fund finance to top up the post to recruit a replacement for 3 ½ days which should be more attractive.

Fundraising: Mr Bewsey proposed the idea of having a collection box in the village shop (‘a pot in the shop’) to collect loose change for school funds. Action: Louise Crowe to ask the Spar and Post Office whether they will have a ‘pot in the shop’.

Rotor Kids Quiz Night: Mr Bewsey asked for support for the family event being organised by the Rotor Kids across both Coldingham and Cockburnspath primaries. The event will be held at Grantshouse, on Thursday 18 May from 5-6.30 pm, and you can bring a packed tea for your family. Action: All parents please put this in diaries and support the event if you’re able.

Play-based learning: A discussion was held about play-based learning, particularly for the P1s-P3s. Action: Mr Bewsey to communicate to parents how the approach has worked towards the end of term

3. Upcoming Events

It was noted that the summer term was a short and very busy term and that the PFS should consider reducing the number of events it tries to run in this term.

Beetle Drive: this has been postponed. Date to be confirmed.

Duck Race and School Picnic: this has been postponed to Friday 16th June to coincide with the school sports day. The school day will begin with an open morning; followed by sports day; followed by family picnic around 12.30; followed by ducks on the Bogan around 1.30pm. Action: Deborah to find out whether we can borrow the ducks again from the Rotary Club. Helen Gibson to obtain the template for duck purchases from Jen or Raquel.

Spring Fayre: to be held on 20th May. It is intended that we will have the following stalls: car boot sale, BBQ, silver collection, plants and produce, ‘Splat the Rat’, lucky boxes, tombola, school uniform/cloths, tea towels and bags, tea/coffee/cake, duck sales for duck race.

Several actions were agreed:

Explore having a car boot sale alongside and investigate how many cars we could have as maximum (Genevieve Young). If this is viable, it was agreed that stall holders will get a voucher for a free cup of tea inside (Helen Gibson to produce vouchers)

Ali agreed to put up posters advertising the spring fayre (Ali Ramcharran).

Contact Homebase and Coldingham Gardening Club for donations of plants and vegetables (Helen Gibson);

Contact Greenvale for potato donation (Helen Gibson)

Contact Drysdales for vegetable donation (Ali Ramcharran)

Contact Jen and Tilly to run the plant stall (Helen Gibson)

Contact Patrick to run Splat the Rat (Katie Kendrick)

Contact Hannah to run clothes (Katie Kendrick)

Check lucky box availability (Ali Ramcharran) and distribution through school (Helen Gibson).

Tombola stall to be run by Rainbows

Teas and Coffees to be run by Deborah and Louise Crowe

Burgers to be run by Richard.

Silver collection on entry to be run by upper school pupils.

Duck race sales: Louise Scott to sell.

Beach BBQ: Friday 23rd June. There’s already one volunteer for the BBQ. ACTION: Louise Scott to get 3 more volunteers. Helen Gibson to get the order details from previous years and source a large BBQ.

4. AOB

Tuck shop: Katie to circulate new tuck shop rota.

PFA: at the AGM in August, 2 vacancies will be available: chair and secretary.

Facebook Page: it’s not been possible for PFA member to update the page. ACTION: Ali Ramcharran to explore why and how we change the process to enable more than 1 person to edit the page.

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