Coldingham Newsletter 18 May 2017

General News

Round up of this week…

Football and Rugby Festival

Our P4 and P6 pupils had a great morning on Thursday at the football and rugby festival. Pupils from Ayton, Coldingham, Co’path, Eyemouth and Reston took part in a variety of skill development exercises. Our thanks to Kendal Smith (Active Schools) and Bert Griggs (Berwickshire Rugby) for their efforts in organising the morning.

Rotakids Quiz night

On Thursday night, a number of families joined together at Grantshouse Community Hall to help celebrate the inauguration of our Rotakids groups. We were joined by the Rotary District President who presented our pupils with their official group charter. After the formalities, we all enjoyed a quiz and a picnic tea. Well done to Matilda Burgess and her mum and dad on their winning quiz answers. Thank you to all that attended.

P1/2 trip to the Fire Station

Pupils in P1/2 enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Eyemouth Fire Station. A ride on the service bus was followed by a tour of the fire station, a look at the fire engine and a shot with the fire hose. Our thanks go to Eyemouth Fire & Rescue team for their time and enthusiasm.

Coming up…


Don’t forget to come along to the annual Spring Fayre. Doors are open between 10am – 12pm. Various stalls and activities with refreshments too. Join us if you can.


Our Art Club pupils will be displaying their recent work in Coldingham Village Hall as part of the village art & crafts event. Please pop in to see their efforts and support this village event.


Our ELC children are off to John Muir Country Park for a morning of fun and adventure. Please wrap up warm.


Our P5,6 and 7s have all got a busy day next Tuesday. Thank you for completing and returning the different EV2s. Please check the following details to ensure your child is ready for their day:

P5s – Borders Countryside Day at Kelso Showground. Packed lunch, snack, water bottle and coat needed.

P6s – Enterprise Day with Mrs Blyth. Co’path pupils travelling to Coldingham.

P7s – Extra transition day to High School. Packed lunch, snack and water bottle needed. Travel on High School bus @ 8.25am. Return @ 3.58pm. Accompanied by Mrs Tharme.


Sports for Champions – Please can all sponsor money be return as soon as possible. Our visiting Olympian arrives on Thursday morning!

Pupil News

ELC News

Finn – I planted flowers, the red ones are called Pansies (Tuesday).

Ria – I helped to water the flowers. (Tuesday)

Eden – I helped to plant the flowers in soil in a long pot they need water. I watered them after I planted. (Tuesday)

Felix – I water the plants every day, they will die if you don’t water them. (All week)

P1,2 News

I enjoyed going to the fire station in Eyemouth and spraying the hose. Lyra P2

I liked watching Fireman Aiden go up the ladders to the tall, tall tower. Kourtney P1

I liked when we got to go in the fire truck. David and Millie P1

I liked it when Aiden the fireman got dressed in all his fireman clothes. Grace P1

I liked when my swimming teacher was the fireman and went up the big tower. Hattie P1

I liked when we got to spray the hose. David P1 & Scarlett P2

I liked trying to spray the fireman with the hose. Olivia P2

I liked doing subtraction in maths. Jessica P2 I wish I could do maths forever I love it. David P1

I liked seeing the picture of the fire dog. Kitty P1

We all liked writing about the firemen today. P1/2

P3,4 News

This week enjoyed…

Doing fractions with Ms Clarke -Lulu

Doing reading -Leah📖

Making Tudor people. Ours was called Mary Queen of Scots -Scarlett and Sophie👑

Making a garden in a box- Edie and Anna💮💐

On Thursday P3’s made fidget spinners while the P4’s where at the football festival and it was fun ⚽⚽ 😃😉😖

P5,6,7 News

This week P5/6/7 have been very busy!

P6 went to the rugby festival

“I enjoyed nearly scoring a try” said Logan

“I enjoyed seeing some of my old friends from school and I scored a try” said Coralie

We designed our gardens in a box for the Walter Sword trophy

“I liked how we were allowed to bring stuff from home” said Grace

P6 got to see our new buddies!

“I liked going back to nursery I have good memories of it. I also enjoyed the suspense of getting my buddy in the end it was Daniel” Said Martyna

“I love my buddy she is so cute” Says Freya

“I like my new buddy I look forward to Wednesdays (my buddy is Isla) says Coralie

“I love my buddy she is funny and friendly” says Logan

While p6 were away p5 and 7 went to Mrs Blyth’s class

“I liked making my fidget spinner but I enjoyed decorating it more!” says Sinead

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