Coldingham Newsletter 29 January 2018

This week

We are focusing on our school value ‘Perseverance’ this week.

Tuesday 30th: Knitting Grannies, 3-4pm for P5-7 pupils.

Tuesday 30th: RotaKids, 3-4pm for P4-7.

Wednesday 31st January: National Bug Busting Day.

Wednesday 31st: Sports Club, 3-4pm for P5-7 pupils.

Thursday 1st Feb: P5 ‘Intergenerational Project’ (morning only).

Thursday 1st: Rugby Club, 3-4pm for P5-7 pupils.

Friday 2nd: PE with Mrs Easton.

Friday 2nd: Dance Club with Mrs Easton (P4&5) during morning Brunch.

Next week

All next week is national ‘Children’s Mental Health’ week. This is a very valuable focus on the importance of ensuring our children maintain a healthy mind, not just body. For more information visit https://www.childrensmentalhealthweek.org.uk/

Tuesday 6th: Safer Internet Day. Details to follow.

Thursday 8th: ParentSpace gathering (postponed from Snow Day) 2.20pm. See flyer.

Friday 9th: School closed (Staff Inset day)

Coming up

Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th February: School closed (February holiday)

Monday 19th February: Primary 7s to Eyemouth High School for ‘German Adventure’ event. Full details to follow in due course.

Thursday 22nd February: P567 Cross Country running competition at Eyemouth Primary School. Full details to follow.

PFA news

We had our termly meeting the other week (Monday 15th Jan) and will share the minutes soon.

Our next meeting will be on the MORNING of Friday 23rd March at 8.45am. Please come along if you are able.

Inspire. Invest. Involve.

School News

ELC News

Thursday 25th January.


We wore Tartan to Nursery because it was Robert Burns Birthday.

Minnie and Sarah:

He wrote books with songs and poems in them.


We had Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for snack.


My Snack was a little bit good and a little bit bad.


My snack was good I liked it.

P3,4,5 News

We had a good time having our Burns lunch on Thursday. P6,7 did the address to the haggis and P1,2 did the Selkirk Grace.

Some P3,4,5’s went to the dance class with Mrs Easton on Friday.

We enjoyed the after school clubs this week. There was rugby, sports club, knitting grannies and Rota Kids.

P5’s went down to the village hall to do their Intergenerational project.

Lulu & Madeline

P5,6,7 News

This week with Mrs Easingwood we …

Created a shelter in places like snowy mountains, the desert and the jungle.🌄

In writing we put together a book of poems including Haiku, acrostic, limericks, cinquin, and some people did alliteration.

In maths we did mental subtraction and division.

With Ms Clubb we…

In Philosophy we read a story and we asked questions about the book and somehow it ended up with Donald Trump. 😤

In maths we did fractions where Ms Clubb gave us a strip of paper and we had to put it in to thirds then find an equivalent fraction.

In science we learnt about parachutes and about how they work!

by Nikki and Mia 😊

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