Snow closure

In light of the ongoing school closure due to the adverse weather, we have some suggestions to support home-learning.

1) Project presentation.

Choose a topic, find out about it and then present your findings. Be creative!

2) Say, Write, Make, Do challenge.

  • SAY: Talk to someone! Try interviewing someone about their favourite things or their Top 10 songs. Pick a topic and start talking.
  • WRITE: Use your words and get writing. It could be a short story (100 – 200 words), a diary of your days off or what about a song?
  • MAKE: What could you make? A snowman? An igloo? Some cakes? A cardboard spaceship? Get creative!
  • DO: This needs you to get active. You could play a game with someone else (Noughts & Crosses?) or do a 10 minute workout (jog on the spot, sit ups, star jumps, etc).

3) Check out these online activities that support a range of learning:

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it! The best learning is active (makes us think) , collaborative (with others) and motivating (we want to do it).

Please let us know what you did. If you can, bring your work into school or take some photos and send them to coldinghamps@scotborders.gov.uk

Invest. Inspire. Involve.

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