Newsletter 6 November 2018

5th November 2018


Dear Parents/carers

Curriculum Update: Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Along with all primary schools in Scottish Borders, we will be using a resource called ‘Building Resilience’. This is a whole school programme designed to promote resilience in our children and young people. The journey of life is referred to as being like a river, and as we travel down the river of life, we can find ourselves in calm waters where the journey is relaxed and enjoyable. However, we can sometimes find ourselves in difficult waters, full of obstacles, and the journey becomes about survival and keeping our heads above water. The units, which take the form of assemblies and follow up lessons, are delivered through a character called ‘Skipper’, who must navigate his boat through the ups and downs of his journey. On his way, he will introduce the children to different tools and resources that will help navigate the river of life and support the development of resilience at an appropriate level for the age and stage of the children.


A Team of P6 &7s took part in the small schools netball tournament on Friday 2 November, wearing their new netball bibs kindly bought for them by our PFA. All the team played really well against strong opposition and should be really proud of themselves.

Our thanks go to Helen and Julie for coaching the team and arranging for our pupils to get there. We are delighted that Helen and Julie will continue running the netball club with them through to the end of term (December).

Parent Consultations

Parental consultations will be held on Tuesday 20th November 3-5pm and Thursday 22nd 6-8pm. The on-line booking system will open on Wednesday 7th November. Short presentations have been arranged to give you the opportunity to hear about our aspirations for the school. Times will be publicised shortly and will be repeated over the 2 hours on each day.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent self-evaluation of our curriculum. At the front entrance you will see the findings displayed as ‘We asked…’, ‘You said…’, ‘We will…’.

Further ‘Thank You’ to…!

· Members of the PFA for a very successful Halloween party last week.

· Everyone who contributed to the outstanding bonfire night (and beach clean afterwards) – what a spectacular display!

· The ‘hit squads’ that have come into school in the past few weeks to help tidy or remove unwanted items from our playground.

Coming soon!

Developing ‘pupil voice’ in our school.

Plans for the kitchen

Kind regards


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