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FB counting daisies.
FB matching number.
K’s results from her scavenger hunt.
LN went on a scavenger hunt too.
I took a wonderful walk down the lane.

Primary One

We made ‘slinkie’s to help us describe a character. ‘Slinkies’ by AD.

Primary Two

SS cooked up a storm and made wonderful treats for someone.
SS noticed that Swallows have arrived.
What a super ‘Super Hero’ from ER.

Primary Three

SH was really creative.
Super Home Learning for IN, researching and making a wonderful VE Day Celebration.
FL used her ‘slinkies’ to write about a character.
AS has been building models.
SH has been working on his handwriting.
AP has been sharing snacks at her home cinema.

Primary Four

JN did some excellent research . Here is his power point about wartime clothing.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
J S and GS planting
HT code breaking and a medal

Primary Five

CP created a medal.

A power point by MS:-

Great research from MS

Primary Six

Diary entry by KR
Film review by EM

Adventure story by SS
A meaningful review, especially during lockdown by SS

Primary Seven

Can you read the message? by ML
Story by RG