Keeping healthy

School Nurse

Coldingham is a Health Promoting School. Katrina Fairbairn works within the Berwickshire Area Schools and offers support with delivering the health curriculum to teachers; she also delivers the puberty and sex education talk to the P6 & 7 children. Katrina provides advice and support to our pupils and their families and can be contacted by telephoning Eyemouth High School on (018907 50363). She monitors the routine growth of pupils in Primaries 1 and 7 and monitors any health issues that have arisen at other times i.e. height, weight and sight. This is normally with consent, which is given in Primary 1, by the Primary 1 Health Questionnaires. All primary school pupils are now offered the flu immunisation, this takes place in November. If parents/carers have any concerns they can contact Katrina at the above number.


There is a Community Dental Service available. Parents can contact this service by calling 01896 824525 initially (for emergencies please call 01592 740230 – evenings and weekends). The school participates in the Child Smile, school tooth brushing programme, this includes all year groups, including children from the Early Learning and Childcare Centre classes.


The children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day.

Head Lice

Unfortunately at different times of the year there are outbreaks of head lice. Parents/carers should ensure that their child’s hair is regularly checked for head lice. If your child is infected it is best to use the wet-combing method, please check all other members of the family! A leaflet is available in school which explains the wet-combing method. We tackle this two or three times a year through the National Bug Busting Programme.

Accidents-First Aid

Minor accidents and First Aid are dealt with at school by trained First Aiders. In the event of a more serious accident parents/carers or the emergency contact is contacted immediately. If they are unavailable the child will be taken to the Health Centre for medical attention.

It is essential that we have on record an emergency contact number for each child. It is important that this contact is obtainable during school hours. Please update us of any changes to this throughout the year.


Please inform the school if your child is on any medication. If prescribed medication requires to be administered during the school day please bring the medication into the school office and complete a consent form. Alternatively parents/carers are welcome to come into school and give medicine themselves if they prefer. Non-prescribed medication i.e. coughs medicine, paracetamol and ibuprofen cannot be administered at any time, without medical advice.


If your child needs to use an inhaler in school please complete the consent form at the office. For younger pupils inhalers are kept in the first aid drawer for safekeeping. Older pupils may elect to carry their own inhalers, with their parents/carers’ permission but please inform the school of this arrangement.

Sickness and diarrhoea

If your child has a sickness bug please keep them off school for 48 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.